ELM327 Mini

When it comes to choosing a scanner for vehicles, one that is being sold in the market is the ELM327 Mini and is that the features and advantages it offers, make it one of the preferred by users. Let's see what it is and what benefits it brings.

What is the ELM327 Mini?

It is an electronic device that is used to transfer all the information of the diagnostics carried out by the OBD2 protocol to the ECU or vehicle computers. With this diagnostic machine, you will be able to visualize and record in a short time how all the systems and sensors of the vehicle are working and see if they present any failure, this way you will be able to save time and money.

Features of the ELM327 Mini

The ELM327 Mini has very unique features, this has made it position itself in the market at the top of sales. Below we will detail some of these features:

  • It supports the existing OBDII and EOBD protocols such as: PWM, CAN, ISO-14230 (KWP2000) ISO-9141, among others.
  • The ELM327 Mini can be used in vehicles that use both gasoline and diesel.
  • It can read, translate and transfer all DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) or fault codes, both specific and generic.
  • Displays in real time all vehicle control panel data, including current sensor values.
  • Clears fault codes and turns off the red Check Engine light.

Advantages of the ELM327 Mini

Thanks to the advantages offered by this small but effective tool, the ELM327 Mini, has acquired great success in the market, being one of the most sold both to professionals and individuals. Some advantages are the following:

  • Its design is very practical since its pins come inside a plastic casing very easy to handle.
  • The ELM327 Mini has a well reduced size, measures 48 x 35 x 25 mm. and its weight is only 45 grams, which is ideal, as they do not interfere with the pedals of the vehicle.
  • It can be moved anywhere as it fits easily into the pockets.
  • It can be connected to most existing applications and programs.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.
  • It can be connected to any electronic device (Smartphone, tablet, laptop).
  • The best prices in the market.

How to use the ELM327 Mini?

To use the ELM327 Mini correctly you must know the location of the OBD2 port of the vehicle, because depending on the make and model, the place is different. Once you have located, you proceed to connect the mini scanner, as in other devices, the light will turn on a red LED as an indication that it is already operational.

It is important to note that the ELM327 Mini, comes in its packaging, the manual with the manufacturer's instructions for use, it is essential to become familiar with them to use it the right way.

How to connect the ELM327 Mini?

Once the ELM327 Mini scanner is operative, it must be configured with the electronic device being used (tablet, Smartphone or laptop) activating the bluetooth option, select OBDII ELM327, set the password supplied by the manufacturer (1234, 6789, 0000). In this way the two devices will be linked. Then open the installed app to start diagnosing.

How to configure the ELM327 Mini?

The configuration of this diagnostic machine will depend a lot on the operating system used.

  • Once the ELM327 and the vehicle is connected and operative, it must be synchronized with the receiving device activating the Bluetooth option, then the scanner will appear on the screen, it must be selected and it will automatically ask for the manufacturer's password. from here what is left is to open the app that is installed on the device and in a moment it will start to transfer data.
  • Windows. With the vehicle turned on at minimum and the ELM327 Mini scanner connected, the Bluetooth connection must be synchronized from the "Settings" option. Once it is activated, look for the OBD2 hardware and select it, immediately the two devices will be linked. What remains to be done is to open the application that will show you all the information extracted from the PBX of the vehicle.
  • You must start the vehicle in minimum and connect the ELM327 Mini scanner. Once it is working, go to the receiving device (iPhone, iPad), look for the General option < network < WiFi. Change the network configuration to WiFi OBD. ¡Once it is activated, open the application and you’re done! You will start transferring all data.

The ELM327 Mini is undoubtedly the best alternative when choosing a scanner for the vehicle. It's efficient, convenient and economical.


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