Description of DTC code C1904

When driving the vehicle, many factors affect its movement. Among these are speed, wind, weight distribution and road conditions. Taking this into account, it is essential that the suspension system, which includes springs, shocks and struts, is in good condition in order to achieve a better ride.

Although the components of the suspension system have undergone various changes over time, the basic objective of the suspension system remains the same; to provide steering stability and better ride comfort for the passenger.

The Air Suspension Module is responsible for controlling the right rear shock actuator of the ride control. If it malfunctions, a series of fault codes will be set. In the case of the C1904 OBDII code, it is set on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles when there is a short to ground in the shock absorber circuit.

Symptoms of fault code C1904

Causes of OBD2 C1904

The reasons for the DTC C1904 OBD2 code setting are:

  • There may be wires or other components in the right rear shock actuator circuit with damage causing the short circuit.
  • The right rear shock actuator of the ride control could have damage.
  • Possibly the Air Suspension Module has deficiencies.

Possible solutions of the DTC code C1904

The steps to follow to troubleshoot the C1904 OBDII diagnostic code are:

  • As a first step, it is necessary to consult the TSB. These contain information that will help you with the diagnosis of the code.
  • Check the good condition of the connectors, wires and other electrical circuit compounds of the shock actuator. Look for corrosion or wear damage and make any necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Perform checks of the right rear shock actuator to ensure that it is in good condition. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for such diagnosis and if determined to be in poor condition, replace it.

Codes related to C1904

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