C1233 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code C1233

Also known as ABS Sensors, Wheel Speed Sensors have the function of measuring the rotational speed of the vehicle's wheels while the vehicle is in motion. One of the most important reasons for performing this action is that thanks to this data, the ABS system modulates the braking force to the individual wheels and thus prevents the wheels from locking up under aggressive braking.

The wheel speed sensors produce magnetic signals once the teeth of a slip ring pass in front of the sensor. These signals are received and converted by the PCM into electrical signals, which are used to control the frequency of the signals that are directly related to the rotational speed of each wheel.

C1233 OBDII fault code is stored on Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Mazda vehicles when the PCM detects a missing input signal from the Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor. The Jaguar vehicle manufacturer defines this code similarly, but with some differences, although the symptoms, causes, and diagnosis are largely identical.

Symptoms of fault code C1233

  • Check Engine light illuminated.
  • ABS and Traction Control warning lamp illuminated.
  • Other DTCs related to the driver assistance system are stored.
  • Some ABS system functions are not available.

Causes of OBD2 C1233

C1233 OBD2 diagnostic code is set by the following:

  • The Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor circuit may have poor wiring, connectors, or connections.
  • The Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor or the Relay Ring may have excessive accumulations of mud or other debris.
  • The Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor or the sensor's slip ring could be defective.
  • The ABS Control Module may be damaged.

Possible solutions of the DTC code C1233

In order to troubleshoot the DTC C1233 OBDII code you must do the following:

  • Consult the TSBs.
  • Using a scan tool check if additional codes are stored in the C1233. If it is the case, the diagnosis of these should be following the order obtained in the tool.
  • Check that the left front wheel speed sensor circuit wiring and connectors are in good condition for proper circuit performance. If common deficiencies caused by burns or wear are found, proceed with the appropriate repairs.
  • Taking into account the manufacturer's recommendations, check the good condition of the left front wheel speed sensor and its reluctor ring. Check both components to rule out the excessive accumulation of certain elements that interfere with the performance of this. Correct it as applicable.

Codes related to C1233

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