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    Description of DTC code B2601 Generic

    The DRL (Daytime Running Lamps) relay belongs to the daytime running lamp system. They are lights that are installed on many modern vehicles. The relay is controlled by the BCM (Body Control Module).

    The ignition coil of this relay receives positive ignition voltage, and the BCM grounds the control circuit of the relay to achieve its activation. In case this control circuit presents some weird conditions due to a short to ground, the B2601 OBDII diagnostic code will be set on Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Pontiac vehicles.

    Symptoms of fault code B2601 Generic

    Causes of OBD2 B2601 Generic

    The OBD2 B2601 fault code is set for the following reasons:

    • The BCM wires or connectors may have damage.
    • The Body Control Module may have poor connections, causing the short to ground.
    • Possibly the Body Control Module could be faulty.

    Possible solutions of the DTC code B2601 Generic

    To fix the DTC B2601 OBDII code, try this:

    • Consult the Technical Service Bulletins.
    • Check if additional DTCs to B2601 are stored. In this case, diagnose them following the order shown by the scanner.
    • Check all the Body Control Module Also, check them for common damage caused by corrosion or wear. If such conditions are detected, make the appropriate repairs.
    • Verify the integrity of the connections related to the BCM. Look for loose or deficient connections. If insufficient voltages are discovered, check the continuity of the wiring. Repair if necessary.


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