B2200 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code B2200

The B-CAN (Body Controller Area Network) and F-CAN (Fast Controller Area Network) networks share information between various ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The B-CAN communication moves at a speed of 33.33kbps for comfort-related items and other functions. The F-CAN information moves at a faster rate (500 kbps) for real-time functions such as emissions and fuel data. In order for the two systems to share information, the Meter Control Module translates the information between the two networks, it is a process known as a gateway.

The MICU (Multiplex Integrated Control Unit) has several activations and sleep functions that reduce battery consumption when the power switch is set to 0 or LOCK. In case the MICU detects a communication bus line error with other control units, the diagnostic code B2200 OBDII will be set.

Symptoms of fault code B2200

Causes of OBD2 B2200

The B2200 OBD2 fault code is set for one of the following reasons:

  • Cables or connectors of the Multiplex Integrated Control Unit may be damaged.
  • The electrical connections of the MICU may be faulty, resulting in a short circuit.
  • The Multiplex Integrated Control Unit may be defective.

Possible solutions of the DTC code B2200

To troubleshoot DTC B2200 OBDII, you must do this:

  • First, consult the Technical Service Bulletins.
  • Check all the cables associated with the Multiplex Integrated Control Unit for common damage. If you discover corrosion or wear on one of these components, make repairs.
  • Make electrical tests on the MICU circuitry to check for deficiencies. If the actual values differ from those specified, make corrections as required.
  • Check the condition of the Multiplex Integrated Control Unit. Please, note that this is a complex procedure, so we recommend that you visit an advanced automotive center.

Codes related to B2200

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