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    Description of DTC code B1811 Generic

    The driver-side squib 2nd step circuit has several components. For example, the center airbag sensor assembly, coiled cable, and a steering pad. The purpose of this circuit is to send signals to the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) to be used when conditions are met.

    When the B1811 OBDII fault code is set on Scion, Lexus, and Toyota vehicles, it means a fault was detected in the driver’s side Squib second pass circuit.

    Symptoms of fault code B1811 Generic

    Causes of OBD2 B1811 Generic

    The OBD2 diagnostic code B1811 is set due to the following reasons:

    • The instrument panel may have bad wiring.
    • The coiled cable may be damaged.
    • The steering pad (2nd step of the driver's side stabilizer) could be faulty.
    • The center airbag sensor assembly may be broken.

    Possible solutions of the DTC code B1811 Generic

    To solve the DTC B1811 OBDII code, try this:

    • First, consult the Technical Service Bulletins.
    • Check if other fault codes are stored in addition to B1811. This may indicate a problem with the airbag. If so, make a diagnosis according to the order shown by the scanner.
    • Check the integrity of the instrument panel wiring harness. Check these components for common damage caused by high temperatures or corrosion. Repair if necessary.
    • Considering the diagnostic steps, check the condition of the coil cable and steering pad. If you determine that one of these components has damage, make the appropriate adjustments.


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