B1625 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code B1625

The airbag is a very important system of the vehicle, which guarantees safety levels. This system includes a controller that regulates the operation of the sensors involved and is installed inside the vehicle. The function of these sensors is to detect deceleration and consequently send a signal to the controller and equipment involved with the Airbag.

The left side airbag sensor is used to deploy the airbag. The circuit of this sensor includes the set of the Center Airbag Sensor, the Left Side Airbag Sensor, and the Left Rear Airbag Sensor.

When the B1625 OBDII fault code is stored, it is because a malfunction was detected in the Left Side Airbag Sensor circuit.

Symptoms of fault code B1625

  • Check Engine light illuminates.
  • The airbag malfunction warning lamp illuminated.

Causes of OBD2 B1625

The reasons for the DTC B1625 OBD2 code being set are:

  • The Left Side Airbag Sensor circuit may have damage to its wiring or connectors.
  • Electrical connections related to the Left Side Airbag Sensor circuit may be in poor condition.
  • The Left Side Airbag Sensor may be in bad condition.
  • Center Airbag Sensor assembly may have been damaged.

Possible solutions of the DTC code B1625

In order to troubleshoot the B1625 OBDII diagnostic code you must do the following:

  • As a first step consult the TSB (Technical Service Bulletins).
  • Check that there are no damages to the wires of the left side airbag sensor. If you detect wear or burns on these components, make the necessary repairs.
  • Using the appropriate tools, perform electrical checks on the left side airbag sensor Verify if the actual voltages are within the parameters established by the manufacturer. If inconsistencies are found, make the appropriate corrections.
  • Verify that the left side airbag sensor is not damaged. For this diagnosis follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer and in case of finding deficiencies in the sensor, perform the applicable adjustments.

Codes related to B1625

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