B1500 Code failures by brands


Description of DTC code B1500

The combination meter assembly, known as the meter circuit board, employs the fuel sender gauge assembly in order to sense the quantity of fuel available in the tank. A Hall IC that is integrated into the fuel sender indicator assembly is responsible for varying the output voltage stated into the amount of fuel remaining. The combination meter assembly senses the voltage output and operates the fuel receiver indicator.

Under ordinary driving, when the fuel level changes in the tank assembly, for example, when driving on slopes or applying brakes, the receiver gauge reading is updated according to the injection volume during normal driving. However, because the injection volume measurement has a margin of error, that value is displayed upon correction by the input values of the fuel sender gauge assembly.

The B1500 OBDII fault code is set when the combined gauge assembly detects a malfunction of the fuel sender gauge assembly through a direct line.

Symptoms of fault code B1500

Causes of OBD2 B1500

B1500 OBD2 diagnostic code is stored for the following reasons:

  • Fuel sender indicator assembly circuit wires may be in poor condition.
  • Fuel Emitter Indicator Assembly connections may have deficiencies resulting in a short or open circuit.
  • The combination Gauge Assembly may be defective.
  • Possibly the fuel sender gauge assembly is in poor condition.

Possible solutions of the DTC code B1500

To resolve the DTC B1500 OBDII code you must do the following:

  • Consult the Technical Service Bulletins.
  • Inspect the fuel sender indicator assembly circuit wires and verify that they do not present common deficiencies (burns or corrosion). If such damage is found, proceed with adjustments.
  • Measure the voltages of the fuel sender indicator assembly circuit and verify that it is not shorted due to deficient connections. Note that the code indicates that there is an open circuit, which must be located and repaired. If you discover electrical inconsistencies, make corrections as appropriate.

Codes related to B1500

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