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    Description of DTC code B0108 Generic

    The Airbag Sensor assembly, Passenger Airbag Manual On/Off Switch, and Front Passenger Airbag assembly are used to form the P Squib circuit.

    The P Squib is constantly being tested by the Airbag Control Module to verify proper performance. If this circuit is inconsistent with the manufacturer’s specifications due to a short with the battery, the fault code B0108 OBDII is stored.

    Symptoms of fault code B0108 Generic

    • Check Engine lamp illumination.
    • The airbag malfunction warning light illuminated.

    Causes of OBD2 B0108 Generic

    B0108 OBD2 diagnostic code is stored by the following:

    • The front passenger airbag assembly circuit (P Squib) may have deficiencies in its wiring or connections.
    • The Front Passenger Airbag Assembly (P Squib) may be damaged.
    • The Airbag Sensor assembly may be in poor condition.

    Possible solutions of the DTC code B0108 Generic

    In order to correct the DTC B0108 OBDII code consider the following:

    • As a first step consult the TSB.
    • Check all the wiring of the front passenger airbag circuit assembly (P Squib). Verify that no burn or wear damage is present. If such conditions are discovered, proceed with appropriate adjustments.
    • Measure the voltages of the front passenger airbag assembly circuit (P Squib) to check if the voltages are within the proper range for proper performance. If you discover voltages that indicate the presence of the battery short, verify that they are not produced by deficiencies in the connections. Repair it as required.
    • Check the integrity of the front passenger airbag assembly (P Squib). For this diagnosis follow the manufacturer's recommendations in their specifications. Correct it as necessary.


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