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    Description of DTC code B0103 Generic

    The D Squib circuit consists of the Airbag Sensor Assembly, the steering wheel pad, and the spiral cable. Through this circuit, the Airbag deploys once the conditions for deployment are met.

    The Airbag Control Module monitors the D Squib circuit for proper performance. In case of finding a malfunction due to a battery short circuit, the diagnostic code B0103 OBDII will be stored.

    Symptoms of fault code B0103 Generic

    • Check Engine Lamp illuminated.
    • The airbag warning light illuminates.

    Causes of OBD2 B0103 Generic

    The reasons for the B0103 OBD2 fault code setting are:

    • The steering wheel pad (D Squib) wires or connections may have been damaged.
    • The spiral cable may be in poor condition.
    • The steering wheel pad (D Squib) may have deficiencies.
    • The airbag sensor assembly may be damaged.

    Possible solutions of the DTC code B0103 Generic

    To troubleshoot DTC B0103 OBDII consider the following:

    • Consult the TSBs.
    • Check all the cables that are related to the steering wheel pad (D Squib). Check for common damage caused by wear or burns. Repair or replace as applicable.
    • Perform electrical tests on the D Squib to locate conditions causing the battery to short. If deficiencies are found in the connections that indicate that they are the cause of the problem, proceed with the appropriate corrective actions.
    • Check the integrity of the flywheel pad (D Squib) and the spiral cable. To do this, follow the diagnostic steps outlined in the vehicle information source. If you determine that there is damage to one of these components, proceed with the appropriate adjustments.


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